The present situation of rotary kiln
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The present situation of rotary kiln
At present in countries around the world are development and application. It is in suspension preheater and between rotary kiln add decomposition furnace, make the raw material in the rotary kiln before 85-95% complete carbonate decomposition reaction, rotary kiln assume only a few carbonate decomposition and clinker sintering, the whole system material and air heat exchange is fully, clinker calcining respectively in three process within the unit, fuel combustion, exothermic process and raw meal decomposition, endothermic process at the same time in the suspended state closely, quickly, make the calcined system to adapt to the process of thermal distribution further needs, thus greatly increasing the production efficiency and the thermal efficiency, the unit clinker heat loss is only 3500 kj/kg or so, system has clinker quality good, kiln high rates of operation.

The rotary kiln consists of a tube made from steel plate,and lined with firebrick. The tube slopes slightly (1–4°) and slowly rotates on its axis at between 30 and 250 revolutions per hour. Rawmix is fed in at the upper end, and the rotation of the kiln causes it gradually to move downhill to the other end of the kiln. At the other end fuel, in the form of gas, oil, or pulverized solid fuel, is blown in through the "burner pipe", producing a large concentric flame in the lower part of the kiln tube. As material moves under the flame, it reaches its peak temperature, before dropping out of the kiln tube into the cooler. Air is drawn first through the cooler and then through the kiln for combustion of the fuel. In the cooler the air is heated by the cooling clinker, so that it may be 400 to 800 °C before it enters the kiln, thus causing intense and rapid combustion of the fuel.

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